Our Services

Comprehensive Economic Facility Management


In line with your request, we will design for you an affordable facility management solution with efficient and effective administration of the real property entrusted to us. Subsequently, we will work with you to adjust the price in order to meet your budgetary expectations.

Example of services which we provide in general:

Support to the Bodies of Associations of Unit Owners
  • Participation of the Facility Manager at the meetings of the committee and general meetings of the owners, or at any other meeting according to an agreement made with the client.
  • Preparation of the meeting agenda for the Association of Unit Owners, including preparation of the necessary materials, invitations and participation of the Facility Manager’s Employees, as stated above.
  • Preparation of the official minutes from various meetings of the Association of Unit Owners.
  • Preparation of the minutes from meetings of the Committee of the Association of Unit Owners.
  • Representation of the Association of Unit Owners with third persons according to the client’s requirements.
  • Preparation and organization of selection procedures for suppliers of services.
  • Negotiation with insurance companies while deliberating insurance claims and related events.
  • Preparation of payment orders in the electronic banking system of the Association of Unit Owners.
Legal Support of the Associations of Unit Owners
  • Preparation of the Articles of Association and other internal regulations of the Association of Unit Owners.
  • Assurance of registration into the Registry of Associations and registration of any changes into the Registry.
  • Filing of deeds into the Collection of Deeds.
  • Out-of-court recovery of receivables, including preparation of debt recognition agreements, payment schedules, bills of exchange, etc.
  • Assurance of service of a registered mediator.
  • Preparation of grounds for judicial litigation.
Advance Payment Administration
  • Management and updates of records concerning owners of residential and non-residential units and garage parking spaces.
  • Preparation of assessment overviews of advance payments.
  • Preparation of payment orders and communication with the financial institution.
  • Checking the payment performance of the owners of units and record management reminders concerning outstanding payments.
  • Preparation of budgets.
  • Execution and recordation of readings of thermal energy and water meters by the Facility Manager’s internal staff.
  • Billing of energy costs according to all applicable legal regulations by using the Facility Manager’s internal staff.
  • Rendering of the accounts related to advance payments.
  • Bookkeeping in accordance with legal requirements.
  • Preparation of the Financial Statements.
  • Wage and personnel agenda of all statutory bodies.
  • Annual Report on economic management.
  • Filing of tax returns, if and as necessary.
Other Administrative Activities
  • Management of records related to the assets managed.
  • Organized records of technical documentation of the building, including their archiving.
  • Organized records of operational costs.
  • Management of records related to all contracts.
  • Daily communication with individual owners.

and Technical Management


Depending upon the nature of your real property, we will recommend a cost-efficient technical management program for the operation.

Example of the services of which we generally provide:

  • Daily inspections and general maintenance of the buildings.
  • Periodical checks of operational and technical equipment of the buildings.
  • Execution of preventive and planned maintenance.
  • Operation of a substitutive power supply source (diesel-electric generator unit).
  • CCTV system checks and assistance connected with the search of camera video recordings.
  • Incidental and regular maintenance wo relating to metal and joinery elements.
  • Maintenance of the end-elements of sanitary installations and illumination.
  • Optimization of operational activities.
  • Participation in the removal of the consequences from emergency situations - 24/7
  • Operational cleaning of the buildings’ surrounding areas.
  • Preparation of an annual plan of repairs and maintenance and the planned investments in the subsequent year.
  • Long-term investment planning.
  • Specialised advisory services.
  • Management of records related to inspections and renovations completed.
  • Ordering necessary inspections and overhauls
  • Assistance of a staff member of the Facility Manager to work along with inspection engineers during all inspections and renovations.
  • Assurance of the removal of defects revealed during routine and other inspections.

Other services offered


Example of other services ensured by the Facility Manager’s internal staff members:

Cleaning Services
  • Both internal and external services.
  • Mechanical cleaning of garages.
  • Delivery of hygiene materials.
  • Rodent control and disinfection sanitation.
  • Thorough cleaning of the premises.
Security Services
  • Assurance of security protection 24/7 over 365 days a year.
  • Assurance of operation of the electric fire alarm and burglary alarm systems and the CCTV and ACS systems.
Reception Desk Services
  • Record-keeping of visitors.
  • Postal Services.
  • Language skills and translations (according to requirements: English, Russian …).
  • Entry-Key Management Services.
  • Assistance Services (purchase orders, telephone, printing/copies, information services).
Plant and Vegetation Maintenance and Garden Maintenance Services
Washing/Cleaning of Facades
Services of Tinsmiths, Locksmiths, Bricklayers, etc.